Public Service is a cornerstone of Chiropractic Solutions’ mission. We strive to support the community that supports us. We are always vigilant of opportunities to give back to the community either financially, or through donation of our time and expertise. We believe that education is the key to enabling others to live happier, healthier lives. Together, we can truly impact the lives of people in the community for the better. All Discover Wellness Workshops are given FREE of charge. The goal of these workshops is to empower people in the community with information and strategies to live happier healthier lives. All workshops take approximately 45 minutes.

Chiropractor Framingham MA Christopher Hauck Wellness Workshop Program

Who we are:

Dr. Christopher A. Hauck is the owner of Chiropractic Solutions. Dr. Hauck has a passion for providing his patients and their families with healthy lifestyle strategies based on the most current research. His office, Chiropractic Solutions has been the winner of the Reader’s Choice Award for #1 Chiropractic Office in Metrowest for the past ten years in a row. In addition to his background in Chiropractic, Dr. Hauck has over eight years’ experience working as a personal trainer and has worked for the U.S. Army as an exercise physiology researcher. In his spare time Dr. Chris enjoys public speaking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and building extraordinarily large sandcastles. He and his wife, Gina, reside in Framingham, Massachusetts with their two sons.

Our Mission is to revolutionize our Community's Health Outcomes, Pediatric Development & Expression of Life

Wellness Workshop Topics


Sick and tired of starving yourself to get to the ideal weight, only to gain it all back again? Tired of “doing everything right” and still not getting the results you want? 80% of all diets fail because effective weight loss is so much more than just cutting calories and watching what you eat. During this 45 minute workshop you will find out how “they” get you to buy “health food” that is not all that healthy. Find out little known secrets to understanding food labels. Learn about the myth of willpower, and why you can’t count only on self-control to make a lifestyle change. Understand how the foods you eat shift your hormones and force you to eat more and deposit more fat! Learn how a good night’s sleep and a good exercise program can reboot hormonal shifts that promote weight gain. Your health history doesn’t have to be your destiny!


Everything you wanted to know about sleep! What position should I sleep in? How do I choose a proper mattress? Is my mattress too old? How do I choose the right pillow? Why can’t I fall asleep? Why can’t I stay asleep? All these questions answered and more! In addition, we will discuss the link between sleep and chronic disease, metabolism, and mental sharpness.


Feeling worn out? Always Fatigued? Feel like you should have more pep in your step? Attend this workshop to learn the secrets of the most energetic people in the world!


You have to get older, but you don’t have to feel old! Extend the quality of your life by learning anti-aging secrets from around the globe that have kept people looking young for centuries. The health care choices that you make everyday matter, find out how you can make better ones.


The world that our children are growing up in is crazy! It’s never been harder to raise a healthy child than right now. Teach your little one to navigate this maze by making smarter health care decisions. We will discuss solutions to all that stress that comes with homework, survival strategies for technology and devices, sleep issues for all ages and why that “healthy snack” isn’t really healthy


If you are sick of hearing “you are not as young as you used to be” then this workshop is for you. We will give you strategies to help you power through those aches and pains with natural solutions. Find out why those over the counter options may be making your problems worse. Get better results fast by learning what really makes a difference. Stop wasting time on strategies that don’t.


Can’t seem to find time to exercise and stay healthy? Don’t want to find the time to exercise because you don’t enjoy it? Join us as we discuss simple exercise strategies for busy people that really work! You don’t have to work hard... just smart. Did you know that after age 30, you’ll start to lose muscle tissue? Learn exercise and nutritional strategies to boost your human growth hormone naturally and help you keep your muscle.


Would you like to be 15 pounds healthier? Would you feel better if you had 8 pounds less fat on your body? Would you look better if you had 7 more pounds of lean muscle? Did you know you CAN do this without drugs, dieting, or surgery? Never go hungry and stop craving sugar. End the depressing and dangerous yo-yo weight loss and weight gain cycles with these action steps. Are you going to do it this time? Are you ready? I know you are!


Do you ever get the feeling that your work environment could be contributing to your health problems? Do you ever wonder if your workstation is draining you of your vitality and productivity? Is your commute a literal “pain in the butt?” Don’t let the emotional and physical stresses of work wear you down. We’ll cover everything you need to know about a healthy work space from A-Z. Join Dr. Christopher Hauck for this entertaining, information packed, workshop. You’ll learn easy to use strategies that will improve your health, productivity, and happiness at work.


Technology is so prominent in our lives, and it’s here to stay. Instead of trying to completely avoid technology, learn how to develop a healthier relationship with it, by learning how it may be affecting your mind and body. Learn how technology impacts your sleep, energy and metabolism! Do you know how technology can affect a developing brain and musculoskeletal system? We will provide you with strategies to minimize tech’s stresses on you and your children’s development. Have you heard of “tech-neck”? You will learn about it in this workshop, as well as how to avoid it!


A great workout is only half the battle! Learn how you may be sabotaging your results and wasting all that time, energy, and sweat by the lifestyle choices you make at home. Find out why a good night’s sleep can boost your metabolism and curb your appetite. Pre- and Post- workout snacks that fuel results will be explained and provided. Find out why people fail, and avoid these mistakes. STOP sabotaging your results! The choices that you make every single day after you go home matter. Power through those aches & pains with natural solutions and find out why those over the counter options may be making your problem worse.

*All workshops are created by Dr. Christopher Hauck. This is a list of our most popular topics. If there is a topic that is not on this list that you feel would be the best for your audience, please let us know and a custom workshop can be created.