Chiropractic Testimonials

Over the course of more than 8 years, Chiropractic Solutions has steadily built worthwhile relationships with many of our patients. Allow us to share some of their healing experiences with you.

“BEST PRACTICE EVER! I started seeing chiropractors in the late 90s when MRIs and EEGs could not find a reason for terrible recurring hiccups. Chiropractic cured the hiccups and I’ve been seeing chiropractors on a regular basis since, including highly regarded and well-known chiropractors, Dr. Chris is the best – his results are heads and shoulders above all other chiropractors I and my family have seen. The office is a warm, inviting place, the office staff is friendly and fun, and children are welcome. I highly recommend him – you CANNOT go wrong with Chiropractic Solutions.”

- Heather F.

“Amazing practice! I’ve been a patient of Dr. Chris for several years and not only is he great, but the entire staff is wonderful. They are truly invested in your overall well-being – even offering free seminars for patients about everything from diet to stress management. I had serious issues with my neck and Dr. Chris’ treatment has been nothing short of life-changing for me.”

- Anonymous

“I’ve been seeing the benefit of regular sessions with Dr. Chris for more than 18 months now. His knowledge, skill, and sensitivity to the whole patient combine to bring about lasting results. My appointments for initial corrections and ‘fixes’ have turned into consistent visits for overall wellness. I always leave the office knowing (and feeling) that I’m better off than when I went in!”

- Reed G.

“I leave my doctor’s office feeling like a hypochondriac. I leave Chiropractic Solutions feeling like a million bucks! I have no experience with any other chiropractors, but this is my best experience in the doctor’s office.”

- Tyler M.

“Fantastic experience. I am a believer in measurable, data-driven results and this is exactly the approach Dr. Chris takes for chiropractic and overall wellness. Setting a baseline and showing delta improvement over time speaks to me. Dr. Chris has the right conversations to over overall well-being, as this is the real purpose behind chiropractic, and has guided me in other areas of personal improvement. I would, (and have), recommended this practice to all comers. Give it a shot."

- Steven C.

“Since the beginning of care, I have noticed a few changes in my body…

  • I have better motion in my shoulders which allows me to throw a ball much further and stronger than before;
  • I feel like I have a better center of gravity;
  • I have been very allergic to cats for my entire life, and since a few months ago, I have had numerous interactions with cats with zero allergic reactions.”

- Aaron D.

“I was a true skeptic. 4 back surgeries and spinal fusion, I need help with chronic pain. Through the recommendation of the Caira family, I went to see Dr. Chris. Not only do both my daughters now see Dr. Chris, but I am a new person since starting 8 months ago!”

- Donna G.

“Several times a week, I had migraine headaches. I took a lot of medicine to help me to get through my day. I had a very stressful job and worked many weekends and evenings just to keep up with the demands. It was almost impossible for me to take time off to deal with my headaches. Since seeing Dr. Chris, my progress has been astounding. I enjoy many more days off without headaches and seldom need to take medicine for headaches. I also seldom see my doctor who treats me for fibromyalgia. I was also able to enroll in strength training and lost weight too!! This improvement has helped me heal the emotional pain too. I feel younger than when I first met Dr. Chris.”

- Carol

“I have experienced migraines regularly for 30 years. I was taking Imitrex and Excedrin Migraine on a regular basis, hoping that each month it would be time for a refill before the bottle ran out. Since starting care, both the frequency and intensity of my migraines has decreased significantly. Now I only have to fill my medication every 3 months, and I don’t have to leave or miss work anymore.”

- Johnna H.

“I started under chiropractic care about 15 months ago. I was having headaches in the middle of the night and every morning. I was taking Advil every day and was ready to try anything. I achieved the goal of fixing my headaches and a whole lot more through chiropractic care.”

- Frank L.

“Prior to starting chiropractic, both our boys (Shane - 7, Noah - 3) had been getting constant ear infections. By ‘constant,’ I mean 5-6 per year per child! Now after a year of care, I can truly say that the ear infections are gone. No more tubes, no more antibiotics, and Shane’s asthma is dramatically reduced. Also, my lifelong hay fever was nonexistent this past year! Now all I can say is thank you!”

- Brian S. and Family

“I started chiropractic care at the advice of a pharmacist who knew that I was having trouble finding relief from prescriptions for my depression. It has been four months without any medication. I never would have thought that my life would have been transformed so quickly, but with Dr. Chris’s help I am back to my old self once again.”

- Elaine C.

“Dr. Chris sees my 9-year-old for a migraine, asthma, and allergies. He has been under care for a few months, and we no longer hear him complain about these issues. I don’t have to give him as much medication. He still has reactions, but with his aligned body, he can recover faster than ever before.”

- Cheryl C.

“Just went for a run and thanks to Dr. Chris, I got lost! While that may not sound like a good thing to most people, for me it means that for the first time in years, my asthma didn’t dictate when I needed to stop. Asthma inhalers only seemed to help just so much. Now after regular adjustments, I don’t even need to take my inhaler with me when I run. And I can run far enough to get lost in my thoughts ‘til I’m not sure where I am. For a trail runner, that is a beautiful thing. Thank You!”

- Anonymous

“If you had asked me 6 months ago if I would have considered chiropractic care, the answer would have been a definite NO! However, after going to one of Dr. C’s seminars and learning how the body requires proper nerve supply for health, I decided to give Chiropractic another shot. Dr. C’s approach is great; he really deals with the whole person. The best part is the success (and relief) I have experienced in such a short period of time. Within 3 months of care, the muscle spasms and numbness in my shoulder is drastically reduced, and the IBS is almost a thing of the past. I wake more energized and no longer spend my days in constant pain. Even my husband is amazed at the results. I can tell you I am well on my way to feeling normal again…maybe even great!”

- Susan J.

“I was beginning chemotherapy for breast cancer and wanted to see if chiropractic care would help alleviate the side effects. During chemo, I had a compromised immune system, yet I did not get sick at all during the winter. I worked as a teacher and was exposed to sick children during the entire cold season. Most of the time, I felt “normal” despite having chemo treatments every 3 weeks. The care I received made all the difference and I am recovering faster because of it.”

- Nancy G.

“Went in for a consultation with a bad lower back pain. Always been a runner and pain was worse following a long run. I was considering giving up running. Not only did Dr. Chris ease the pain in my entire lower back and abdomen, but he also helped alter my workout routine with very noticeable results. He convinced me to continue running, and I recently completed the Falmouth Road Race 7-mile run in better time than anticipated. I’m 57 years old, never believed in chiropractic care before, but now I am certain that the past 3 months have aided me tremendously. I’m very active, and this will keep me active for some time to come.”

- Jim W.

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Chris’ for several years and came to him with serious neck issues. I was initially nervous to be treated since I hadn’t found relief through other doctors or PT, but my experience with Dr. Chris and his practice has been nothing short of life changing. Beyond that, the whole staff is so wonderful – they are like family – and they are truly invested in your overall well-being. “

- Anonymous

“I was never really a believer in chiropractic care, but I have had outstanding results with treatment here. When I first sought care, I was in so much pain that I could barely function. Really, I just wanted to cry every day as the pain was SO overwhelming! My primary care physician was recommending many prescriptions (painkillers and muscle relaxers) and weeks of rest for my injury. Working with Dr. Chris and Chiropractic Solutions, I was able to continue exercising and avoid the chemicals in my system. My results have been beyond what I ever could have imagined, and I am able to continue working out and running. This treatment has truly allowed me to get my life back and also make it better! I am amazed at the results and also how fast my recovery was. I will continue to receive care here for optimal performance and preventative measures. What I also love about Chiropractic Solutions is that it is family-owned-and-managed. Seek treatment here and you will become a member of the family ☺.”

- Kelly G.

“Life-changing! I started to see Dr. Chris due to nagging back pain, which he has since fixed, but have maintained care to treat my fibromyalgia. I have been to many doctors and hospitals, and Dr. Chris has told me more about my body than any other doctor. Dr. Chris has taken the time to get to know me and understand my pain. I know I am in the right place to achieve overall wellness in my life. Chiropractic Solutions is a warm, inviting place that truly cares about their patients’ well-being."

- Anonymous

“I started visiting Chiropractic Solutions in September 2008. During my initial consultation, Dr. Chris and I reviewed my X-rays’ back scan results. He explained to me (in detail) my current state and the reasons for it. I was never aware of how much my back and hips were misaligned, and the negative effects of these conditions could have on my well-being. Other than a few twinges here and there, my overall condition is probably 95% better than it was when I first started treatment. I have arthritis in a number of joints and on my spinal column. The treatment I have received has helped these conditions immensely… not to mention the benefits of my improved mental state.”

- Anonymous

“I have been having adjustments from Dr. Hauck over five years; I had chronic body pain, electric tingle from my neck over my head, leg numbness and more. I am in the long-term wellness program and have never felt better. I can feel my legs, I am very active and all the old symptoms are ‘gone,’ and the surprise benefits, my hearing, and eyesight have improved tremendously. I have had other medical treatments, and this is the best. Dr. Hauck and his staff treat body, mind, and spirit, with compassion as well as skill.”

- Anonymous

“My son suffered from anxiety and depression from an early age (first grade). Medication helped him get through most days, but there were still too many times when he would go into an emotional tailspin. On top of that, his posture was terrible from hours slumped reading books or playing on the computer. I heard that Dr. Chris had helped others with depression. He started treating my son when he was in 8th grade and barely managing on meds. Freshman year in high school went well, just one bad spot. By the end of sophomore year, he was off meds and his body was straight and strong. He could focus on his studies, took honors and AP classes, and is now a Chem Engineering major at college, handling living away for the first time.”

- Nancy

“I have been a client of Dr. Chris Hauk since May 2008. When I first went for a consultation, I did so because I had issues with my jaw. As he looked at my X-ray, Dr. Chris made the statement, “It appears that you suffered a neck injury 30 years ago.” I pondered that and realized that 30 years ago I had been thrown off a horse and landed on my head. I was impressed. Since then Dr. Chris has treated my jaw, neck, lower back, hands, and feet. I used to have poor posture, but now in doing as he taught me, my posture has greatly improved. In addition to the excellent care, Dr. Chris and his staff have encouraged me, nourished my spirit with their positive outlook, and provided the warmth of feeling like I am at home. They encourage wholeness of body, mind, and spirit, which I feel very strongly about. I can always call them when I have any problems and know I will be taken care of. I am very grateful to God for steering me towards Chiropractic Solutions and the care I received there. “

- Tracy W.

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