Rocket Fueled Metabolism - Workshop

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Brown Bag Learning Series

Presented By: Dr Christopher A. Hauck

Sick and tired of starving yourself to get to the ideal weight, only to gain it all back again? Tire of "doing everything right" and still not getting the results you want? 80% of all diets fail because effective weight loss is so much more than just cutting calories and watching what you eat. During the 45 minute workshop, you will find out how "they" get you to buy "health" food that is not all that healthy. Find out little known secrets to understanding food labels. Learn about the myth of willpower, and why you can't count only on self-control to make a lifestyle change. Understand how the foods you eat shift your hormones and force you to eat more and deposit more fat! Learn how a good night's sleep and a good exercise program can reboot hormonal shifts that promote weight gain. Your health history doesn't have to be your destiny!

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